Meet Our Consultant!

Masarrat Misbah was born on the 25th of November 1959 in Karachi Pakistan where she spent her early completing her education. If there is one salon in the country that has truly made it international, it is Depilex. Its name has become synonymous with health and beauty in Pakistan. Over the years, Masarrat has attained the status of an icon in this field and people have come to trust and revere her. To earn this prestigious reputation it has taken 38 years of sheer hard work, commitment, dedication and thorough skill.

Depilex took upon itself to revolutionize the entire business. Masarrat has obtained a thorough training in the field of beauty therapy and till now continues to gain education so that it may be imparted to her team and students. Creating a market for new products and then popularizing the product is no easy job, but Masarrat aptly and gracefully handled this formidable task.


15min one to one sessions!

To better facilitate all our clients, we are offering a
limited time offer of FREE 15 min consults!


Legalities / Terms & Conditions

• Consultancies are meant to a casual conversation offering insight / inquiry into proposed ailments brought forward by the client.
• Clients are expected to behave in an appropriate manner; no abusive language or inappropriate dressing or outlook will be tolerated.
• Products recommended by you consultant may be found in our e-store section.
• Clients are requested to be prepared for the consultation time; late arrivals might have their spots revoked in favor of following appointments.
• Consultant(s) reserve the right to cancel the call if the user is found in violation of the previously stated; all rights are reserved exclusively.