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Masarrat Misbah

CEO, Depilex Group

Masarrat Misbah today has to her credit, a growing empire of salons and a charitable foundation that has succeeded in transforming lives.
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Masarrat follows an exemplary path that inspires. All in one, Masarrat Misbah is a stylist extraordinaire, salon magnate, entrepreneur and a humanitarian. She evolved her own style that flourished the business and today Depilex has 75+ branches across Pakistan. A business that started with a handful of employees has over time created thousands of new jobs empowering women. Hundreds of qualified beauticians trained by Depilex are serving the beauty industry. Many are successfully running their own beauty parlors.

Redah Misbah

Director, Depilex Group

Redah Misbah finished her studies abroad in 2008 from London. Her professional degree ranges from the knowledge of cosmetic science to cosmetology.
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She attained professional degrees in hair and cosmetology from renowned and respected institutes such as Vidal Sassoon and Ray Cochrane Beauty School, where she graduated with honours. Redah had the privilege of representing Ray Cochrane Beauty School at the CIDESCO convention in Greece, 2006. She also acquired a professional diploma in special effects makeup from Joe Blasco in Orlando, Florida. Redah took up the role as Director and Head Creative Stylist at Depilex in 2009. Since her return from London, Redah has orchestrated numerous artistic bridal and fashion shoots that have been featured in Pakistan’s top beauty and fashion magazine, headed hair and makeup teams for fashion weeks and conducted solo hair and makeup shows for Depilex.

Hafsa Haseeb

Director, Depilex Group, USA

Hafsa Haseeb, an HR consultant by profession after completing her education from Penn State University, is one of the newest members of the Depilex team.
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Since 2013, she has headed customer care and the institute at Depilex Bahadurabad; now Depilex Muhammad Ali Society, alongside Nighat Misbah. Under Nighat Misbah’s guidance, Hafsa has created strategies for Salon Improvements, Personnel Development and Vendor Management. Hafsa was selected for City and Guilds TOT training in Sri Lanka with Skills International and with the successful completion of the course, Depilex Institute Karachi was honored to host the City and Guilds Diplomas and Awards. After graduating from the Paul Mitchell School, USA and becoming a licensed cosmetologist, Hafsa has worked with Salon Red as a manager, also works as a freelance makeup artist at MAC and heads operations for Depilex in USA alongside being the brand manager Masarrat Makeup USA.

Isma Majeed

Creative Head, Senior MUA
& Instructor, Depilex Group

Isma Majeed is a Masters in Interior Designing and also has an Advance Diploma in makeup artistry from CMA Australia, and is a qualified makeup artist from M.A.C Australia.
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Since 2014 she is working with Depilex Group as the Creative Head, Senior Makeup Artist and Instructor. Isma has led the creative team in many Fashion shows, Shoots and events.

Nighat Misbah

Director, Depilex Group

Nighat Misbah completed her MBBS from the Sindh Medical College, Karachi, and started off her career as a doctor. She soon after transitioned into Depilex as a great make-up artist and her make-up courses from renowned makeup institutes across Europe and the US.
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Her background in medicine, helped better understand her client’s needs and allowing her to provide excellent makeup, skin and consultation services. She has been heading the Karachi salon and institute and is the Regional Head of Depilex branches in Karachi. Dr. Nighat Misbah’s vast portfolio is diverse and versatile, and compliments her ever-changing style immensely.

Dr. Farhat Haseeb


Farhat Haseeb is an MBBS with an international recognition as a certified Laser Technician and Aesthetician. An expert in skin care, lights and laser since 1998. Her extensive experience is accompanied by training with leaders and pioneers of the cosmetic laser industry.
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From aesthetics, to skin care, her expertise ranges from chemical peels, collagen remodeling, non-ablative photo rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, ablative and non-ablative laser, erbium, YAG laser, Co2 laser and IPL. Her online blogs can be found under ‘Ask Dr.Farhat’ were she addresses skin concerns and product information. She is dedicated to providing 100% for her clients with tailored treatments so they always see guaranteed results. Dr.Farhat possesses strong knowledge and innovation in dermatological procedures. She is detail-oriented with excellent analytical and organizational skills and is dedicated to integrity.

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