The Depilex Covid Measures

During this incredibly difficult time for all of the beauty industry – my team, company experts and myself have developed in depth standard operating procedures and health and safety policies that our specific to a beauty salon. We took reference from international WHO directives for service providers, local policies and our 40 years of experience.

These SOPs will ensure safe services to our esteemed clients and protection for our employees. I cant stress enough how important at this point these guidelines for us as individuals are; these policies will us prepare now our workplaces and educate our employees to better equip themselves to responsibly open their workplaces once the lockdown lifts.

As a service to our industry I am pleased to share these documents with you. They are now available on our website so if you are or know a salon owner, an employee or are related to the industry in anyway please share these and take prepare and educate yourselves now.

To implement these policies and sops is our responsibility and it will Allow and enable thousands of young boys and girls associated with the trade to benefit and not be rendered jobless as a consequence of not being prepared.

Redah Misbah – Director
Depilex Pvt (Ltd).