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About Us

Founded in 1980 by the visionary Masarrat Misbah, Depilex has grown from a single premise providing professional beauty relaxation and training services, to 70 locations nationwide.

Over the years, Depilex has gained greater expertise and wider exposure in each of its specialized service areas. Depilex is passionate and takes pride in providing its customers with the best in Customer Service, Professionalism and Expertise. Hence, it is always at the forefront of Hair, Beauty and Fashion trends in Pakistan. Hard work, consistency in high standards and the fact that Masarrat Misbah (CEO) is well versed and internationally qualified in this field are the main reasons for the success achieved by Depilex.

The staff at Depilex is fully trained due to the fact that Masarrat feels that skin and hair are the two most important areas that need to be handled with care. That is why along with the Beauty Clinic and Institute has also been running simultaneously for the past 40 years and has helped instill the art of beauty therapy in aspiring beauticians. Now headed by Redah Misbah (Director), Depilex is the largest chain of salons in Pakistan.

Plans are underway to open branches in the UK and US as well. Redah Misbah has a great vision and perspective for Depilex. Her international experience in the beauty industry is incorporated in all aspects of the business, her fresh, more modern views and visionary ideas has lead Depilex to a new era. Redah strives to take Depilex to new levels with innovative management and techniques to maintain its standing in Pakistan and increase its international presence.

Masarrat Misbah

Masarrat Misbah was born on the 25th of November 1959 in Karachi Pakistan where she spent her early years completing her education. If there is one salon in the country that has truly made it international, it is Depilex. Its name has become synonymous with health and beauty in Pakistan. Over the years, Masarrat has attained the status of an icon in this field and people have come to trust and revere her. To earn this prestigious reputation it has taken 40 years of sheer hard work, commitment, dedication and thorough skill.

Today Masarrat can reminisce over the eventful four decades spanning over her successful venture into the world of Depilex. Thanks to her trailblazing approach and brilliant concepts, the beauty business in Pakistan has flourished, paving the way for today’s highly successful world of Pakistani fashion and beauty. Creating an industry, Depilex took upon itself to revolutionize the entire business. Masarrat has obtained a thorough training in the field of beauty therapy and till now continues to gain education so that it may be imparted to her team and students. Creating a market for new products and then popularizing the product is no easy job, but Masarrat aptly and gracefully handled this formidable task.

Redah Misbah

Redah Misbah finished her studies abroad in 2008 from London. Her professional degree ranges from the knowledge of cosmetic science to cosmetology. She attained professional degrees in hair and cosmetology from renowned and respected institutes such as Vidal Sassoon and Ray Cochrane Beauty School, where she graduated with honours. Redah had the privilege of representing Ray Cochrane Beauty School at the CIDESCO convention in Greece, 2006. She also acquired a professional diploma in special effects makeup from Joe Blasco in Orlando, Florida.

From a very young age Redah knew she would have to one day take the reins of her mother’s Beauty Empire. With her professional educational background in beauty and cosmetology, and with an excellent eye for quality and style, Redah took up the role as Director and Head Creative Stylist at Depilex in 2009. Since her return from London, Redah has orchestrated numerous artistic bridal and fashion shoots that have been featured in Pakistan’s top beauty and fashion magazine, headed hair and makeup teams for fashion weeks and conducted solo hair and makeup shows for Depilex. Starting from only the age of 20 Redah Misbah has reached exceptional milestones.

Nighat Misbah

Nighat Misbah completed her MBBS from the Sindh Medical College, Karachi, and started off her career as a doctor. She soon after transitioned into Depilex as a great make-up artist and her make-up courses from renowned makeup institutes across Europe and the US along with the background in medicine, helped her better understand her client’s needs and allowing her to provide excellent makeup, skin and consultation services. She has been heading the Karachi salon and institute and is the regional head of Depilex branches in Karachi. Dr. Nighat Misbah’s vast portfolio is diverse and versatile, and compliments her ever-changing style immensely.

Hafsa Haseeb

Hafsa Haseeb, an HR consultant by profession is one of the newest members of the Depilex team. Since 2013 she has headed customer care and the institute at Depilex Bahadurabad alongside Nighat Misbah. Under Nighat Misbah’s guidance Hafsa has created strategies for Salon Improvements, Personnel Development and Vendor Management. Hafsa completed her education from Penn State University in the field of labor employment relations. After which she has worked in many leading Fortune 500 companies in the US including Cole Haan, NIKE and McKesson. During her time in the US, Hafsa was a key member of OPEN Atlanta, an organization for Pakistani entrepreneurs and professionals. She conducted business conferences and participated in many leadership roles with OPEN. Hafsa was selected for City and Guilds TOT training in Sri Lanka with Skills International and with the successful completion of the course, Depilex Institute Karachi was honored to host the City and Guilds Diplomas and Awards.

The Depilex Institute in Karachi is the first ever in Sindh to carry international programs in the beauty sector. Hafsa has coordinated trainings with IDSP, ILO and the Vocational Training Institute in Korangi. Today after graduating from the Paul Mitchell School, USA, Hafsa is heading operation for Depilex in USA.