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Beauty Clinic

Depilex opened the doors of its first salon in 1980 in the bustling metropolis, Karachi. A new name in the nonexistent field of beauty service providers in Pakistan, but with sheer determination, hard work, and dedicated leadership of its founder Masarrat Misbah, it is today a household name.

The 75 established salons across Pakistan cater expertly to its esteemed clientele and provide the best in hair, makeup and skin care.


An evening make-up and hair look created for all kinds of events from dinner parties, wedding events to graduation ceremonies.

Hair Dressing

A wide range of hair treatments using internationally acclaimed brands are offered at Depilex to revive, replenish and hydrate hair.

Body Therapy

Massage by using a blend of cold pressed aromatherapy oils Depilex offers a variety of body massages carried out by professional therapists.

Facial Treatments

Using award winning and internationally acclaimed products, with over 35 years of experience Depilex therapists cater to solving all kinds of skin problems by customizing treatment plans for the most effective results.

Depilex Health Centers

Beauty is the visible face of health and no one knows this better than Masarrat Misbah. She added the Health Center under the Depilex umbrella of beauty services to further empower the women‘s self confidence. The center offers a selection of programs to suit individual needs under certified instructors.