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Depilex Men

Designed to the highest standards and is currently operating successfully in 10 locations over 5 cities.

Masarrat Misbah conceived the initial concept for the Depilex Men’s Salon in 2003. Having worked in the beauty industry for many years, she had a vision of opening a high quality men’s grooming salon; a salon where customers would feel relaxed, and where service and quality would be the order of the day. Depilex Men was professionally designed to the highest standards and is currently operating successfully in 12 locations over 6 cities. As part of the 30 year celebration, and under the guidance of the new Creative Director Redah Misbah, Depilex Men opened up a one of a kind salon in the heart of DHA, Lahore and fittingly named Depilex Men. The new vision is to extend the original concept and idea and create a space that is truly ‘ALL-MAN’! From the outset the focus was on customer comfort – relax on a bespoke leather sofa, drink fresh coffee, watch the latest sporting match on Sky TV or read the latest magazines in a clean, hygienic, and comfortable space. Only the best product lines are stocked including Label.M, Guinot, Methode Cholley, Gilden Tree and the likes. A keen eye for detail ensured that the masculine image and color scheme were carried through to every aspect of Depilex Men from the coffee cups to the workstations to the wall color palettes. The staffs’ professional and friendly approach to the clients, and the relaxed feel of a truly comfortable space for men, has been created at Depilex Men.

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